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pedagogics, education

  1. Dajdzhest dlia izutchaiushchikh anglijskij iazyk (English)

  2. Dajdzhest dlia tykh, khto vyvtchae anglijsku movu

  3. Defektolog (Ukranian)

  4. Defektologiia

  5. Defektologiia (Ukrainian)

  6. Detskij sad so vsekh storon (with supplement)

  7. Detskoe tvortchestvo

  8. Deutsch (materials in German and Ukrainian)

  9. Direktor shkoly

  10. Direktor shkoly, litseiu, gimnazii (Ukrainian and Russian)

  11. Direktor shkoly. Shkilnyj svit (Ukrainian and Russian)

  12. Distantsionnoe i virtualnoe obutchenie

  13. Dobraia doroga detstva

  14. Doklady Akademii nauk vysshej shkoly Rossijskoj Federatsii

  15. Dopolnitelnoe obrazovanie i vospitanie

  16. Dopolnitelnoe obrazovanie i vospitanie (with supplement once/two months)

  17. Doshkillia

  18. Doshkilne vykhovannia

  19. Doshkilniatko new!

  20. Doshkolnaia pedagogika

  21. Doshkolnik. Mladshij shkolnik

  22. Doshkolnoe obrazovanie - Pervoe sentiabria

  23. Doshkolnoe vospitanie

  24. Dosug v shkole

  25. Dukhovno-nravstvennoe vospitanie (with supplement)

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