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finance, taxes; banking

  1. Analititcheskij bankovskij zhurnal

  2. Banki i birzhi: kredity, investitsii, rejtingi

  3. Banki i inye sub`ekty finansovogo rynka Rossii (included in the "Na stol rukovoditeliu" series) (on CD)

  4. Banknoty stran mira (Informatsionnyj biulleten). Tekushchaia informatsiia (Information bulletin)(Russian)

  5. Banknoty stran mira: denezhnoe obrashchenie 2009-2010 (published in 2010; offered for 2011 as well)

  6. Banknoty stran mira: denezhnoe obrashchenie. Catalogue. 2003-2010 (7 volumes)(published in 2010; offered for 2011 as well)

  7. Bankovskaia analitika

  8. Bankovskie tekhnologii

  9. Bankovskie uslugi new!

  10. Bankovskij ritejl

  11. Bankovskoe delo

  12. Bankovskoe kreditovanie

  13. Bankovskoe obozrenie

  14. Bezopasnost finansovykh organizatsij / FinSec (bulletin) new!

  15. Biulleten Stchetnoj palaty RF

  16. Biulleten bankovskoj statistiki (Russian)

  17. Biznes. Finansy. Ekonomika

  18. Bukhgalteriia i banki

  19. Bukhgalterskij utchet i nalogooblozhenie v biudzhetnykh organizatsiiakh new!

  20. Bulletin of Banking Statistics (English)

  21. D' (D-shtrikh)

  22. DF Economic Journal (Debts&Financing)DF Ekonomitcheskij zhurnal "Dolgi i finansirovanie" new!

  23. Dajdzhest rynka tsennykh bumag

  24. Dajdzhest-finansy new!

  25. Dengi i kredit

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