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chemical, electro-chemical industry

  1. Entsiklopediia inzhenera-khimika

  2. Galvanotekhnika i obrabotka poverkhnostei

  3. Kautchuk i rezina

  4. Khim-Kurer

  5. Khimiia i tekhnologiia topliv i masel

  6. Khimitcheskaia i neftekhimitcheskaia promyshlennost (included in the "Na stol rukovoditeliu!" series) (on CD)

  7. Khimitcheskaia promyshlennost

  8. Khimitcheskaia promyshlennost segodnia

  9. Khimitcheskaia tekhnika

  10. Khimitcheskaia tekhnologiia

  11. Khimitcheskie volokna

  12. Khimitcheskij kompleks Rossii (Russian)

  13. Klei. Germetiki. Tekhnologii

  14. Lakokrasotchnaia promyshlennost

  15. Lakokrasotchnye materialy i ikh primenenie

  16. Neftekhimitcheskij kompleks Rossii

  17. PlastKurer (formerly - "Mir plastmass")

  18. Plastiks. Industriia pererabotki plastmass

  19. Plastitcheskie massy

  20. Polimergaz

  21. Polimernye materialy

  22. Promyshlennye gruzy new!

  23. Tekhnika i tekhnologiia silikatov new!

  24. Tsement i ego primenenie

  25. Vestnik khimitcheskoj promyshlennosti (ezhekvartalnoe obozrenie)(Quarterly Review)