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A.B.E. Marketing is an official partner of MK - Periodica in the United States. To order any periodical please contact us at [email protected], tel.: 818 609 9607, fax: 818 705 2754; 7433 Claire Ave, Reseda, CA 91 335, USA.

We will be happy to help you locate any title -- so please do not hesitate to contact us even if the journal you are looking for is not listed in our catalogue.


  1. Capital - market (Romanian)

  2. Capitala

  3. Chiparus plus

  4. Computer Science Journal of Moldova (English)

  5. Comunistul (Romanian)

  6. Constructii si dezvoltare / investitii, tehnolojii, mecanizme (Romanian and Russian)

  7. Contabilitatea si audit (Romanian and Russian)

  8. Contrafort

  9. Crestera animalelor (Romanian and Russian)

  10. Culturi tehnice si culturi de cimp (Romanian and Russian)

  11. Curierul agricol

  12. Curierul medical

  13. Dnestrovskaia pravda

  14. Dokument - supplement to the "Ekonomitcheskoe obozrenie" magazine new!

  15. Dreptul

  16. Dreptul muncii

  17. Economica (Romanian)

  18. Ekonomitcheskoe obozrenie "Logos-press"

  19. Elektronnaia obrabotka materialov

  20. Evrejskoe mestetchko

  21. Faclia

  22. Fin Consultant (Russian) new!

  23. Florile dalbe

  24. Flux vineri (Romanian)

  25. Foaia matematica

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