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A.B.E. Marketing is an official partner of MK - Periodica in the United States. To order any periodical please contact us at [email protected], tel.: 818 609 9607, fax: 818 705 2754; 7433 Claire Ave, Reseda, CA 91 335, USA.

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medicine, public health

  1. AiF - Zdorovie

  2. AiF. Zdorove. Lekarstvennoe obozrenie new!

  3. Aj, bolit!

  4. Aj, bolit! (including special issue)

  5. Aj, bolit! (special issue - thematic supplement to the "Aj, bolit!" newspaper)

  6. Akusherstvo i ginekologiia

  7. Allergologiia i immunologiia new!

  8. Andrologiia i genitalnaia khirurgiia

  9. Anesteziologiia i reanimatologiia

  10. Angiologiia i sosudistaia khirurgiia

  11. Annaly aritmologii

  12. Annaly khirurgii

  13. Annaly khirurgitcheskoj gepatologii

  14. Antibiotiki i khimioterapiia

  15. Aptekar.Ob`emnyj vzgliad na professiiu new!

  16. Aptetchnyj biznes

  17. Arkhiv patologii

  18. Astma i allergiia

  19. Aviakosmitcheskaia i ekologitcheskaia meditsina (with supplement "Kosmitcheskij almanakh")

  20. Biofarmatsevtitcheskij zhurnal

  21. Biomeditsinskaia khimiia

  22. Biomeditsinskaia radioelektronika (formerly - "Biomeditsinskie tekhnologii i radioelektronika ")

  23. Biopreparaty. Profilaktika, diagnostika, letchenie

  24. Biozashchita i biobezopasnostt new!

  25. Biulleten eksperimentalnoj biologii i meditsiny

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